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Many people don’t have enough room in their garage to store their boat or classic cars. If you’ve been storing your vehicles on your driveway instead, you run the risk of someone stealing them or the weather damaging them. To protect your investment, the best solution is to store your vehicles in secured, climate-controlled car storage. 

Cape Car Storage in Hyannis, MA, is here to provide you with that solution. 

How Climate-Controlled Storage Protects Your Vehicle

Climate-controlled storage protects your vehicles in many ways. First of all, it protects your cars and boats from extreme temperatures. Excessive heat and sun exposure can lead to structural problems with your car’s tires, a weakened battery, cracked paint, faded upholstery, and wear and tear on your transmission. 

Cold weather can also wreak havoc on your cars. For example, heat isn’t the only thing that can damage your car’s battery; cold temperatures can too. Other common cold-weather issues are thickened car fluids, weakened spark plugs, reduced tire pressure, and damaged windshield wipers. 

Second, climate-controlled car storage protects your vehicles from humidity. High humidity can reduce your engine’s efficiency, making your engine more prone to repairs. In addition, it can mess with the sensors on your vehicle, causing the check engine light to come on for no reason. 

Boats face many of the same problems from weather that cars do, such as faded upholstery and damage to the boat’s top coat. So whether you have a boat or a car, it’s important to seek climate-controlled storage near your home in the Hyannis, MA, area. 

What to Do to Prepare Your Vehicle for Storage

You’ll need to do several things to prepare your boat or car for storage. First, make sure you clean out your vehicle thoroughly. A fresh coat of wax on your boat or car can offer further protection. Another thing to do is disconnect the battery and add a fuel stabilizer to your gasoline tank. Doing these things will help keep your boat or car in good shape during long-term storage. 

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